(The pictures above depict some of the furniture I've made)


Here’s a bit of background that I hope will allow you to have a level of comfort that I will do what I say and deliver on commitments!

I was born in Pittsburgh, PA and moved to central OH at the age of two.  We lived in a suburban area from that time through high school.  College brought me to Boston, where I attended Northeastern University and obtained a BS in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Thermo Fluids.

After college I worked for Stone and Webster, designing pipe supports, and then moved on to Raytheon, where I worked for 33 years in a variety of engineering, operations and supply chain positions.  Raytheon is one of top four defense industry contractors in the United States and produces the Patriot Air Defense System and ANTPY-2 X Band Radar, as well as a number of Air to Air and Air to Ground missiles.  For most of my time at Raytheon I worked on the Patriot Missile System, producing high reliability electronics for ground and missile systems.  This experience included running a large machine shop and supporting suppliers around the globe in producing quality products in support of the defense of our nation.

While I spent a lot of time focused on my formal career, I also found time for my outside passions: woodworking, repair and renovation of our large farmhouse, plus computers and website development in both WordPress and Joomla software platforms.

I'm married and have two great sons, both adults now!