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I spent 33 years working in the defense industry, where I used my skills and degree in Mechanical Engineering as an Operations Lead for the Patriot Missile Program. At various points during that time I worked as a machine shop manager and supervisor of 150 people. However, after 33 years, I was ready to move on, so now I’m following my interests in woodworking, residential repair projects, mechanical and electrical technology, and computers.

My handyman skills come not just through training, but through personal experience. For 23 years our family owned a house that was built in 1775. As you can imagine that required me to learn how to fix just about everything, from barn flooring to faucets! You name it, I have likely learned to fix it.

Bottom line, I enjoy helping people with things they find difficult to do. That’s led me to establish my “encore career” as a handyman. Let me know how I can help you!


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